Automated Twitter Marketing

Automated Twitter Marketing

Automated Twitter Marketing Software & Promotion - Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers & Schedule Tweets!

Twitter is today’s hot spot! Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, CNN, your local news, and even your local radio stations and shopping malls, all have twitter accounts to grow their network of twitter followers. They promote themselves on twitter to generate new fans, leads, viewership, news hounds, and music listeners. Even the creator of R2D2 in Star Wars uses our program! Shouldn’t you be doing the same?

You hear “Follow Us On Twitter!” every time you turn on the TV or Radio!

This has caused an enormous avalanche of new twitter users signing up every second hungry to connect with like minded people!


  • Compatible with both Windows PC, Mac Os X & Linux!
  • 6 Laser Targeted, GLOBAL Twitter User Search Tools
  • Best Twitter Networking Capabilities!

The following searches zero in and locates profiles pertaining to you, then stores them to be followed. You can even export the results to your computer!

More Search Capabilities Equals Better Results

Hardcore Filters in Tweet Search, Profile Data Search,

  • keyword
  • location
  • recency
  • language spoken
  • ability to remove profiles with default picture
  • ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography

Tweet Search Locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword

Example Searches include (combine to form more complex searches)

  • containing a word: twitter
  • Containing multiple words: twitter marketing
  • Negation: twitter -marketing
  • Exact phrase: “twitter marketing”
  • OR: twitter OR tweets
  • Containing a hash tag: #twitter
  • Not From a user: -from:username
  • To a user: to:username
  • Mentioning a user: @username
  • Profile Data Search search twitter bio, plus filters

Location Search search by geographic location around the world, plus filters

  • Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list
  • Followers of a User obtains a list of profiles following a particular user
  • Followed by a User obtains a list of profiles a user is following
  • Huge flexibility with result filters

Ability to remove results of users that posted a link in their tweet
Ability to remove results of users that only have a default profile picture
Multiple Twitter Account Management

You can manage more than one twitter profile. This will multiply your twitter networking spread out amongst several different twitter profiles. You can also manage advertising and public relations client’s profiles as a twitter service. Use our program on an unlimited number of Twitter profiles with the Tweet Adder Platinum! Run Multiple Profiles Concurrently: Select the as many of your profiles as you wish, and the software will run through each account automatically and complete your automated tasks with one instance of the software open!

What are people talking about right now on twitter? This tool searches the twitter trends and brings you the current hot topics, daily, and weekly.