Community Groups awarded grants for renewable energy installations

Community Groups awarded grants for renewable energy installations

sustainable energy2 200The third round of the Community Sustainable Energy Programme capital grants scheme saw the number of applications increase by 25%. A further increase is expected as the programme enters the final quarter of its first year.

Sixty-nine projects were viewed by the Selection Panel and 36 awarded funding of £770k. The range of applications was very diverse and included for the first time a lido and a guide association, as well as village halls, parish councils, schools and colleges.

There has also been £234K awarded to 103 organisations for project development grants to undertake feasibility studies to identify the most appropriate mix of measures for their buildings.

CSEP is an open grants scheme designed to help community based organisations in England reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. It is funded by more than £10 million from the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces programme. As the number of applications to the scheme rises, the competitive element of the fund increases and successful projects have to be of a high standard to be awarded funding.

CSEP would like to encourage applications from the East Midlands, the North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber. These areas of the country are currently under-represented and their applications will be given priority.

A full list of successful applicants can be found on the CSEP website